Friday, June 17, 2011

My First Experience with Hamburger Helper

Yep you read that correctly.  I have never eaten Hamburger Helper, or any of the helpers for that matter.  As a child I was what you call picky.  I still am in some people's eyes.  I'm weird about sauces and generally don't like them unless I make it myself and know what's in there.  I know, I know.  But we purchased the General Mills Groupon a while back and got a box of Hamburger Helper in it.  I haven't made it yet.  To be completely honest I have made meals that look like it but that's just it, I made it.  Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with Hamburger Helper but I am just really weird like that.

Here's what I had on hand to make.

I always use less meat than the recipe calls for because lets face it, we eat too much meat most days and it saves money by consuming less so I used half a pound of burger instead of a pound.

So the verdict: I'm not a fan.  The process was really messy.

And even though I followed the directions and stirred like directed there is a yucky mess stuck to the bottom of my pan.

Taste wise it was ok.  The cheese flavor tasted more like a nacho cheese than a macaroni or cheeseburger cheese but that's just my opinion.  At least I tried it and can now say that I've had Hamburger Helper before.


  1. There was a time when I LOVED this one. But something changed and it's just not good anymore. I definitely agree that it's better when you make things yourself and know what's going into it.

  2. Carey- There used to be a nacho cheese flavored Easy Mac and I accidentally bought it once and really didn't like it. This tasted just like that. I definitely prefer when I make it myself beause I can control the types of cheese used and how much.

  3. homemade hamburger helper IF you liked it ... ::shudder:: my family would banish me to the garage if I fed them the boxed stuff :/

  4. Thanks Frugal in Florida, I generally just kind of toss things together and have on several occasions had an end result that was basically a hamburger helper type meal but I like the taste much better than the store bought.