Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Garden

I am sad to report that my spinach is no more.  Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check the garden and harvest spinach I found all of the spinach leaves to have white spots on them.  Upon further research the hubby discovered that it's a virus.  I ended up pulling them all up to prevent it from spreading, not that I know whether it could or not but as a precaution.  I did get to harvest (is that even the right word?) spinach 3 times.  It was delicious by the way. 

The last spinach I was able to harvest.

On a happy note, the other plants are growing and growing.  I have a blooms on our zucchini plant with 3 small zucchini plants attached and several more blooms.  My assumption would be that in a few weeks I will have several zucchini.  Our cucumber plants have several little yellow flowers.  I am really hoping that I get lots of cucumbers because I want to try my hand at pickling them.  I love a good cucumber but the hubby is not a fan.  Little man will eat them occasionally.  Just this week I discovered several flowers on the watermelon plants.  As much as little man and I love watermelon I really hope we get at least one.  I'm just happy that so far everything seems to be growing well. 




The slowest going is our tomato's.  I think I mentioned that I did not buy tomato plants or start them inside I merely planted them in the ground with the other seeds only to find out from my dad that this was not how you plant a tomato.  The good news is that they are growing.  The bad news is that I'm not sure they will produce tomato's before the steamy North Carolina summer destroys them.  Oh did I mention that we were hitting 100, with heat index closer to 105 this past week.  That's North Carolina for you. 


More updates to come!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the spinach! At least you got some though. Everything looks beautiful Amanda, can't wait to hear more.