Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Produce, Produce, Produce!!

Today we made the trip to a local farms produce stand.  I ended up getting about 5 plums, several (about 7) peaches and two sweet potato's for $5.18.    Not bad at all.

One peach and one plum were eaten by yours truly and one each was given to my mom.

But my produce for the day got even better.  My dad picked up some apples off the ground from a neighbors (with permission) and shared a bag with us.

At the produce stand I started to pick up some red potato's when my dad stopped me because their other neighbor is growing them and has offered them to my parents and me if i wanted.  My dad grabbed about 10 for me, I think they still have a couple hundred left at their house.

Lastly, my mom shared half of her watermelon with us.  Probably because in a few weeks we will be giving them free watermelons anyway.  I did at least leave her a peach and a plum.

So here's all the produce I accumulated today for a total spent of $5.18.  I think I made out pretty well.  Not to mention that we have a couple of cucumbers from the garden in the fridge for me to munch on.

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