Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tweetsie Trip

Now that we are back and settled, and finally have the pictures loaded, I wanted to do a quick little post about our trip.  We love, love, love the mountains.  It's beautiful and so laid back up there.  After being away for a good 5 years we really miss it. We had 3 whole days to spend in Boone, one of which was designated for our trip to Tweetsie Railroad with little man for a Day out with Thomas.

We kept the secret about Thomas until the morning of during breakfast.  We had a ride time of 10 am and the park opened at 9.  We were there right at 9 am and got to go straight in.   Since we had about an hour to kill before our ride time we let little man check out the Thomas gift shop.  Then we went up the hill to the tattoo station.

Little man showing off his Thomas tattoo.

There was also an entire room filled with different Thomas tracks and coloring pages where the kids could just play.  Little man loved it.  We spent almost 30 minutes just in there.

Then of course it was time for our ride with Thomas.  I think this picture says it all.

Little man had a blast at Tweetsie and we were able to see everything he was big enough to do before the thunderstorms hit.  He got to go mining, ride a boat and ride an airplane. 

Overall, it was an awesome trip.  He had so much fun and we got to do a little sight seeing the next day before leaving.  And of course we can't forget the main attraction.

Aren't the mountains in the background beautiful?


  1. We debated about taking my 3-year-old little man to this. Now I'm wishing we would have. That looks so fun. I love the blissful look on his face. :)

  2. We actually debated last year because he would have been not quite 3 and this year worked out really well with him being right at 4. He understood a lot more and could really enjoy the kiddie rides and activities. I feel that it was well worth the money and if you don't live in the Boone/Blowing Rock area or aren't familiar with the area it's really beautiful and there are other sight seeing opportunities.