Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aldi 7/6/11 and 7/14 plus Walmart

This is the beginning of the Pantry Challenge and like I mentioned on our menu I knew I would need to purchase a few things.  I still withdrew the normal budgeted amount of $40. 

Here's how we did on our trip to Aldi 7/6/11

Eggs $1.25
Seedless Watermelon $3.69 (the watermelons in the garden are splitting and dying..we tried)
Canned Green Beans x 2 $.49 each
Chili with Beans (canned) $1.09
Lemons (bag) $1.99 (needed for making watermelon rind preserves)
64 oz Apple Juice x 2 $1.49 each
32 oz Vanilla yogurt $1.79
Flour Tortillas $.99
Banana's $1.47
Fruit Snacks (sugar free) $1.99
Sugar (5lbs) $2.68
Applesauce (4 pk) $1.29
Butter $2.69
Pretzel Sticks $1.29
BBQ Sauce $.89

Total Spent= $27.70

Yes, there were items that were just because.  Did little man HAVE to have fruit snacks, no.  However, I do try to get him some form of treat each week.  We don't buy tons of extras and I try to make things when I can but fruit snacks are his go to treat so I opted for the healthier sugar free ones.  He said that they tasted different but he still asks for them and eats them.  I am working toward making actual fruit snacks a less common treat and have been switching him to healthier versions like these sugar free fruit snacks and fruit leathers.  As for our watermelons.  They are not producing.  They have stopped growing and started to split open.  I pulled on and cut it open and it's not ripe.  Little man LOVES watermelon and was so disappointed that we couldn't eat it he was in tears.  Hence the $4 watermelon purchase.  LOL  I mean, c'mon he's begging for fruit.  Isn't that every mom's dream?

Wal Mart 7/14/11

Soy Butter $3.47
Whole Wheat Flour $3.36

Total Spent= $ 6.97

I had to shop at Wal Mart for these two items because Aldi does not carry either.  Little man has to have soy butter and Wal Mart is one of the cheapest places to find it.  I need the wheat flour for our bread/rolls that I make.

Aldi 7/14/11

Juice Pouches $1.69 (their version of Caprison...they also have 25% less sugar like the ones I get little man when I can't find the flavored water version.  Another of his vices...)
Crayola Flavored Water $1.89 (for little man, another option instead of pouch drinks)
Fruit Leathers $1.99
Toaster Tarts $1.89
Gallon Milk $3.29
Pancake Syrup $1.49
64 oz Apple Juice $1.49
Pure Vanilla $1.99
Chocolate Chips $1.79
Bagels $1.49
Flour Tortillas $.99
Bananas (2lbs) $.92
3 lb bag Gala Apples $3.99 (ouch that seems like a lot)
1 lb Smoked Turkey lunch meat $3.29
American Cheese Slices $1.99
Cream Cheese $1.39
Chip Combo Bag $3.99
2 bags frozen Broccoli Florets $1.08 each

Total Spent= $38.77

As you can see, I got little man some drinks this week.  I last purchased his pouch drinks at Sam's Club but he drank them all after several warnings to slow down or they would be gone.  He's been out for a few days and asks over and over for them.  He eventually drink water, milk, apple juice or some Crystal Light type drink mix but I know they are something he really likes.  When i saw that Aldi had a version that was also the 25% less sugar I grabbed a pack.  They were cheaper than I can buy the Caprison brand even on sale at Wal Mart.  As for the Crayola Waters...I bought those last summer for little man and he loved them.  I love that they are flavored water.  Toaster pastry's...AKA pop tarts.  Not completely necessary but a favorite of my boys.  The hubby eats them on his way to work when he goes in early.  What can I say I try to keep my boys happy.  The other items we were actually out of.  I mean completely out of.  Preggo here has been CRAVING a grilled cheese or cheese toast and we had no sliced cheese.  Guess what I had for lunch....

So far in the month of July, and during our Pantry Challenge I've spent a total of $73.44.  Not bad for about half way through the month.  Hopefully, we won't be out of as many things next week and it can be either a skip week or just a grab some eggs and milk kind of week.  I've been doing pretty well using what we have already.  The hubby was beginning to go through broccoli withdraws because he asked me several times if we had any.  So that's where we are.  I've been planning all of our meals on what we already have here in the house and what I can make from it.  There will be a lot of rice side dishes because we have several boxes.  I'm trying to keep some variety mixed in and make sure we all have a few things we like around.  It's been fun so far working in what we have that has maybe been over looked the past few months.

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