Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Mommy Kind of Saturday

I had to wait until today to post this because I was not feeling my best last night.

Yesterday little man and I spent the afternoon with my parents and went to their neighbors 4th of July cookout.  Little man loves going over there because he has a slot machine in his building outside.  Last time little man was there he set him up with a bunch of coins and he just sat there pushing buttons.  Of course this time it wasn't plugged in and little man was highly disappointed.  Once things settled down a bit and the cooking was done Papa took him to ask if he could play with it.  Once the slot machine was set up it was surrounded by all all of the kids for at least an hour.  They were great about taking turns. 

Little man then spent the rest of the afternoon running around a tree.  Yes, literally running around a tree.  He had company though because there were a couple of the other kids that joined him. 

After the cookout he played the plane game with Papa, it's a Wii game...he's not very good but loves to crash the plane.  That was it for us.  Little man was worn out from playing and the heat and I went to the cookout with a massive headache that did not go away and the heat definitely did not help it at all.  After a quick reading of a Thomas the Train book he was out.

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