Thursday, July 7, 2011


During the past two weeks I had about 20+ cucumbers on hand and had already been eating 2-3 a day, plus picking an additional 2-4 per day.  As you can guess, since I'm the only one eating them I was not even making a dent.  My parents have been getting cucumbers from their neighbor and I didn't know what to do with them.  So I made pickles. 

I have never canned or pickled anything in my life.  I searched and searched for an easy pickle recipe and finally found one that only used water, vinegar and salt to make the "juice" and then dill sprigs were placed in the jar before the "juice" was poured over to.

Can I just say that it's so exciting when you hear the jars make that wonderful pop sound.  I love it, it at least means that they are sealed properly.  Now it's time to wait.  According to several of the recipes I found the wait time seems to be about 2 months.  So come September we should have homemade pickles!!

I hope that they taste good, or are at least edible even if they aren't great.  I will be happy with edible since this was my first go at it.


  1. Brian just told me yesterday to remind him to go to the farmers market this weekend so he could get some cucumbers to pickle. We have tons of fresh dill in our garden right now. I'm sure your pickles will be fantastic! You are right that popping sound is so fun to hear!

  2. let me know how they taste. I may want to try this myself!