Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Happened Wednesday 3

This is the continuation of the story about how I got where I am. It started here.

I don't remember everything about that day. I know that after talking to my parents the hubby set me up with a movie in bed. I think it was Shark Tale, I fell asleep within 5 minutes. During that time he took a quick shower and got ready. Then he helped me get dressed. Yes, I actually had to have help getting dressed but didn't want to go to the doctor. As he helped me up the stairs to the parking lot I started blacking out again so we paused. I think that happened twice before we got to the top of the stairs and into the parking lot.

On the ride to the hospital I put the window down. I remember that the wind and the sun all felt so good. On that day I could completely relate to a dog hanging their head out of a window. The hubby couldn't find a parking spot close enough to the emergency room and finally decided to drop me off at the front door after I reassured him about 10 times that I could make it through the doors and to a chair. I think I even jokingly said something along the lines of, well if I collapse at least we're at the right place. I did make it inside the doors and sat down in the very first chair I could find. That's where the hubby found me once he parked and got inside.

After helping me to the triage nurses area we explained what had been going on over the past few weeks and what happened that morning. The nurse puts a pulse-ox monitor on my finger and takes my temperature and begins trying to get my blood pressure. She couldn’t get a reading. At that point she asked me stand up to see if she could get it. The hubby and I shared a look, you know, the is she seriously asking me to stand up when I'm having trouble breathing and have been blacking out look. The hubby helped me stand and still, no blood pressure reading. About that time she looked at the monitor for the pulse ox, the color drained from her face and she had me sit down.

The nurse went over to the ER. It was all one section; she just walked through a doorway and was in the ER. At that nurses station we could see her doing something (thinking back I'm pretty sure she was paging doctors) and then she came back with a wheelchair. I was taken back to a bed in the ER and within about 10 minutes had an IV, oxygen mask and had seen every doctor working in the ER that day. Turns out when she looked at my pulse-ox reading it was in the low 70's. It's supposed to be in the upper 90's. For some reason my body was not getting enough oxygen which was causing me to start blacking out.

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