Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Epic Fail....There's no other way to say it

With my pregnancy approaching the third trimester, I think it starts this week....maybe next week,  I was never good at that.  I have had on my to do list to make extra bread, muffins, cookies and a few meals to make things easier when peanut arrives and the few weeks leading up to his arrival.    Today I took on the task of making pumpkin muffins, cinnamon bread, pumpkin scones and blanching field peas to freeze.  However, the day did not go quite as planned.  To be quite honest it was pretty bad.....

Little man decided that he had to help me make the muffins.  Normally this is fine.  I measure everything out and he dumps it into the mixing bowl for me and mans the controls on the mixer.  Unfortunately he was not on his best behavior today and was not being the best listener.  This, mixed with my pregnancy hormones made for a frustrating task.  But we got through it and I let him do most of it.  The first batch came out and they looked great.

After cooling I sampled on and it tasted great but the consistency was off.

I glanced back over the ingredients and everything looked right.  Later I looked again and in all of the frustration and 20 questions about when are we doing this, when are we doing that we never added the baking soda.  UGH!  Oh well, they are still edible.

Once the muffins were done I moved on to making the dough for the cinnamon bread.  The recipe I was using required it to rise a minimum of 2 hours.  The initial plan was to get this mixed up and then begin working on the scones after a quick break.  The recipe suggested using a metal or glass bowl that you have warmed.  So I warmed my metal bowl and placed the dough in it on top of the stove to rise.  I figured since I was baking the warmth from the stove would help the dough rise.  Well.......since I was baking multiple things I decided to leave the oven on and the bowl on the burner rising.  It rose for about 3 hours before I took a peek.  The dough was ruined...  This is what I found.

Apparently, since the bowl was metal and the oven was on so long the bottom of the dough cooked. 

While the muffins were baking I washed up and started blanching the field peas I had shelled and left in the fridge.  I had to get it done today because they had already been there longer than they should.  So while I was doing the whole muffin baking and cinnamon bread dough thing I was also blanching and keeping an eye on the peas.  Once they were cooled I packed them up and in the freezer they went.

After finishing the dough I decided it was time to take that break I mentioned.  Preggo needed to sit down and rest and my back was killing me.  Of course it was at that point that little man came to me asking if his pancakes were ready.  I told him about 20 minutes before that we were having pancakes and bacon for dinner.  I explained that mommy had not started dinner yet that mommy was resting for a few minutes.  This was of course met by the most pitiful look and little man telling me that he was starving.  I offered to let him have a snack, but he didn't want a snack he wanted his pancakes (or pan-e-cakes as he calls them).  So dinner time it was.  I popped a pack of bacon in the oven (I took it out of the package, it wasn't that bad of a day).  As I was getting the pancake batter mixed up I realized that I should just double the recipe and have a full batch of pancakes left to freeze.  Any time that we make pancakes the leftovers are always frozen because if nothing else it's 1-2 breakfasts for little man.  After dinner we ended up having about 15 pancakes to freeze.  I separated it into two bags and if necessary we could have a quick family breakfast or dinner without having to do anything more than warm them up.  At least that part of my day went right.

So initially my plan for the day was to be super productive and use my time wisely and get lots of baking done and put a few goodies in the freezer.  Instead, life happened and I have muffins that are missing an ingredient, semi-cooked dough that is now in the trash, pancakes in the freezer and a couple of quarts of field peas blanched and in the freezer.  Not quite what I planned but at least I made some progress.  It was just one of those days and all I can do is laugh and try again another day. 

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