Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me....(Note the Sarcasm)

Today is my birthday.  The hubby got up with little man and I got to stay in bed, for about 5 minutes that is.  The hubby comes in and says that the oven is being weird and asks me to come look.  Honestly I thought he was being cute and him and little man and planned something.  The hubby was trying to make biscuits for breakfast.  He opens the oven and the element is on fire.  After removing the racks and dumping salt on the part that was on fire and it continued to burn the hubby finally had to pull the stove out and unplug it.  

Our oven is not new.  We are pretty sure that it is the original one from when the house was built 15-20 years ago.  A new oven has been on our list but since the current one was working, or at least working most of the time, we were waiting.  You see, the oven heats at the wrong temperatures.  I know this because out of frustration I placed a thermometer in the oven and it averages 25-50 degrees warmer than what it is set to.  One of the burners only works sometimes.  If you jiggle it, then it will work most of the time.  Oh and did I mention that the burners are not even.  When you place something in a pan on one of the burners it all shifts to one side.  So yes, a new stove was in order at some point.  We just though we would be able to plan a little but the element catching fire was the last straw.  We knew it needed to be done sooner rather than later.

Our morning was spent between Lowes and Home Depot shopping for a stove.  We found one we like and everything is set, but it won't be delivered until Tuesday.  At least we can continue using the stove top in the meantime.  Based on our menu plan for the rest of this week we are good because the oven was not even going to be used for those meals.  Can I just say that while we were shopping I was drooling over the ovens that allow you to cook two things at once at different temperatures.  I really, really wanted one but it was not in our price range.  Our new one does have 4 burners and a warming burner.  That was pretty cool.   

Little man was so sad that they could not make me a birthday cake.  (How sweet is he?  Yes I know he just wanted to eat cake but he was very distraught that I would not have a birthday cake on my birthday)  So they set off on an experiment and made me a cake in the microwave.  Lets just say that I don't recommend cooking a cake in the microwave unless you absolutely have to.  The edges are somewhat crunchy and dry, they really are not edible because my fork would not even stab them.  The rest is delicious and I love my boys for going through the effort and time to make it for me.  So far it has not been the ideal day that we planned for but hopefully the worst is behind us.

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