Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Funny How Things Sneak Up.......

I was reading a blog post today over on Balancing Beauty and Bedlam about what the average family spends on food.  I was reading some of the comments and started thinking about our recent food spending.  This of course caused me to log into our bank account and start adding things up.  We have been doing terrible.  No lie.  Terrible.  The hubby alone has spent about $50 eating out this month.  As a family we've spent about $320 eating out.  This is solely eating at restaurants and grabbing fast food.  In our defense we did go out of town, have out of town guests and celebrated my birthday.  I knew those things would make our food costs rise but it should not have risen this much.  So I kept adding things up and kept getting more and more frustrated.  So to be honest here's what I saw.

Eating out- $369.24
Groceries- 9/8/11 @Sam's Club $87.93
                    9/9/11 @ Carlie C's $150.38 (meat bundle and food items needed for week)
                    9/14/11 @ Harris Teeter $40.16 (Triple Coupons)
                    9/19/11 @ Aldi $42.32
                    9/24/11 @ Aldi $35.74
Total= $356.51
** On a happy note we will not need much meat for a while unless I come across a good deal.

Total on all food= $725.75!  Yikes!!!!!

It stinks but at least now I have motivation to get back on track.  I know that we won't stop eating out, we have plans to go out Sunday for our anniversary but the other take out purchases need to be limited.  There should be no more grocery trips until October.  A new month, a chance to get back on track.  I have gotten back to menu planning again which has helped because it makes me slightly more organized. 

Here's to a new month and getting things back on track.

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