Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu 10/17-10/23

Not planning breakfast and lunch has started to take it's toll.  I get tired and ask little man what he wants to eat and get no helpful responses.  So back to planning all three meals.  I did get smart about it though.  I took about 20 minutes and wrote down everything I could come up with for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sides.  I'm sure that other things will come to me and I will continue to add them to the list.  Along with new recipes.  I feel like I keep drawing a blank when it comes to our menus and I think we are all getting bored.  So here's this weeks menu.

Breakfast- Grits and eggs
Lunch- Veggie burger and fries
Dinner- Spinach salad with carrots, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken and rice

Breakfast- Banana cake and yogurt
Lunch- Cheese, crackers and apples
Dinner- Rotisserie pork loin, mac and cheese, field peas and corn

Breakfast-Cinnamon Rolls (They are so good), smoothies
Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner- Shrimp bowls (shrimp w/ rice and veggies)

Lunch- Turkey wrap with carrots
Dinner- Cheeseburger pie, salad

Breakfast- Cereal and bananas
Lunch- Hot dogs, fries and oranges
Dinner- Leftover/pizza night (Thinking about using any leftover pork loin with spinach and cheese to make a leftover pizza)  Pizza night will include this cheesy bread and possibly these cinnasticks.  Since finding these recipes I've made both several times...sooooo good.

Breakfast- Yogurt, granola bars and bananas
Lunch- Bagels with cream cheese/nutella and peaches
Dinner- not sure (traveling for an engagement party)

Breakfast- Waffles, bacon, and fruit salad
Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner- Chicken nuggets, green beans, rolls (still trying to decide what kind I want to make), mashed potato's (this meal takes me back to elementary school lunch- when they served this was the only day I would buy lunch)

I feel like there's a little more variety having made the lists of meals.  It was easy to just glance at the list and decide what to make because we generally have all of the ingredients on hand or they can be easily made.  I'm hoping to make extra this week to freeze.  We already have some pancakes in the freezer and plan to double the recipe for a couple of things so that we we will have waffles and cheeseburger pie after this week.  I'm thinking about doubling the granola bar recipe as well but I've never made and frozen them so I'm not sure how it will go.  All I can do is try.

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