Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Menu 10/3-10/9

I know it's late but we were out of town celebrating our anniversary and it was dinner time when we got home yesterday.  I had not sat down and actually planned anything but knew I needed to before little man and I go to the grocery store.  This week I'm keeping things really simple.

Monday- Spaghetti and bread- well this is what the hubby had (I can't eat tomato sauce, makes me gag/sick, always has but I didn't really make anything....I ate bread with honey and butter.....don't judge I was exhausted and slightly dehydrated.  All I really wanted was water.)

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken salad w/ fruit

Wednesday- Hot dogs with fries and salad

Thursday- Sandwich's, chips and carrot sticks

Friday- Breakfast for dinner

Saturday- Fruit, yogurt and granola

Sunday- Grilled pork chops with potato's and snow peas

That's it.  Super simple.  My brain is not ready to work yet today.  Hoping that at some point this week I can sit down and plan a full on menu to include breakfast and lunch again.

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